Mad Hatter Mystery Box (MHMB) is an entertainment app created by Active World Club. MHMB utilizes a proprietary randomizer, which allows players who have purchased one of the mystery packages to win NFT’s, CRYPTO, or physical products such as a luxury watch, event tickets, vacations, or the like.

Speed & Security

Flexibility & Scalability

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How it Works

Create an email login in the top toolbar and then choose from one of our three packages <CLICK HERE>

We will digitally transfer your purchased NFTs directly to your wallet.


You may even choose to upgrade your order to receive a Mad Hatter Digital NFT frame to display your portfolio


NEW Features

Everyone is a winner with our proprietary crypto randomizer

With over 10,000 products to choose from, including NFT's, jewelry, crypto, luxury vacations and more, our randomizer delivers the best products to our members.

Active World Club, has developed one of the most robust crypto checkouts which allows you to purchase a Mad Hatter Mystery Box package with over 100 different micro-tokens. CLICK HERE to see if your token is currently being offered.

CLICK HERE to see a list of the prizes you can win in the Mad Hatter Mystery Box.

As a BONUS, if you use AWRT or MADHAT when making your purchase, the Mad Hatter Mystery Box package selected, will be doubled.

If you don't currently own AWRT or MADHAT, please click on their symbol to buy with either a credit card or tokens and have your AWRT or MADHAT immediately delivered to your MetaMask wallet.

Learn How it works

With Mad Hatter Mystery Box, you can purchase an NFT Mystery Box, and your surprise product will then be digitally transferred directly into the wallet of your choice!

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